The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes

Jocelyn| 18 years old| from California to Colorado to now Chicago| Star Wars| Pokémon| Audrey Hepburn films| studying fashion design this fall in Columbia College Chicago| John Green| Anything Punk Rock and or in the range of metal| Travel| tea| Art| Mountains| hiking|

please feel free to pour out any problem or personal experiences to me, I'm a good listener and care about my followers as the beautiful humans they are. We all go through hard times so please make sure to talk. There's always someone who's willing to listen.

Mitch Lucker will always be a man that i admire & his music will live on throughout my life.
R.I.P. mitch <3

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Thomas MannEssays of Three Decades (via feellng)