The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes

Jocey. 17 lovely years I've been alive.
Let me introduce myself,
I’m all smiles.
You may know me as a former ‘most love only last a while.’
Pessimistic, so realistic,
You get the picture. I don't trust, but I love<3

There is a lot more to me, than you think or see.
Not too many people have taken the time to really know me
& all that my heart has to offer.
Music has been the reason I'm still alive.
A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Say Anything, City & Colour, Mayday Parade, La Dispute, Suicide Silence, A Skylit Drive, Alesana, The Smiths, The Kooks, The Strokes, The Vaccines, Of Mice & Men, Ed Sheeran, Band of Horses, Bon iver, Modest mouse, Mogwai, have been some bands that have been a big inpiration to me.

Mitch Lucker will always be a man that i admire & his music will live on throughout my life.
R.I.P. mitch <3


imagine scott pilgrim where everything is exactly the same except danny devito is scott

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if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands

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I will never not reblog this

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stop hating on girls who wanna kiss people in museums or aquariums or art galleries stop hating on girls who want things that might be cliche stop hating on girls who want boys to treat them like they’re magic i will protect all girls with my life and just because they care about things that you don’t doesn’t give you the right to belittle them ok i will fight u

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